DLT Registration - India

DLT Registration - India


Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released The Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation (TCCCPR) 2018 to regulate Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) and create transparency in the entire process. TRAI has created the guidelines to enhance control, curb any fraudulent activities, and provide greater safety to the end customer.

As per the revised TRAI guidelines, The system will be governed using Block-chain technology also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the whole panel entities will be interlinked with each other and the companies who want to communicate with their customers will now have to register themselves with Telecom Operators for sending SMS using their company legal documentation. The Businesses (Principle Entity) and Service Providers (Telemarketers and Service providers like QDC) will be accountable to telecom operators who will be directly accountable to TRAI.

In simple words, SMS can’t be sent unless a business is registered with the government and telecom operators, also only approved SMS will be sent. This process is like getting a PAN card for your business.

Following are the steps for DLT Registration
  1. Register on any one of the operators (listed below) as a new business to get the Principal Entity (PE) ID. (first, try with JIO)
  2. Use your PE ID to register on all portals.
  3. Complete KYC on all portals. (Some of the documents required are: PAN Card, GST Certificate, Any certificate showing business start date i.e MOU)
    If your SMS is NOT delivering successfully or getting rejected, it means KYC is not completed on portals, please complete it.
    If any telecom vendor is asking for "Letter of Authorization" (LOA) for DLT KYC Registration, please follow this article here.
  4. Register Sender ID/Header ID with any one operator. (preferred vendor Vodafone or videocon)
    Note: Above mentioned 4 steps need to be completed before 15th December. or Your SMS will not be delivered.
  5. Register your SMS template (content template) with the brand name in it. It means every SMS should have your business name at the end of the SMS. (preferred vendor Vodafone or Videocon, list of SMS template here)
  6. Send your Sender ID, Principal ID (PE ID), Template ID to support@quickdrycleaning.com to raise a support ticket, for configuring your SMS.

Future Steps
(Consent template approval) Every business has to register for a consent template by 7th Jan 2021, which means everyone has to show proof that a customer has provided you permission to send SMS. We will send another email for this step once we have clarity from the authorities. 

NOTE:  Please save your user name password, entity id, sender id, and other details, in future too, any SMS (Transactional and Promotional) first needs to be approved by govt, only then it can be sent by QDC software.

Registration Process in detail with all vendors
  1. Registration with Jio - Click Here  
  2. Registration with PingConnect (Videocon) - Click Here
  3. Registration with Vodafone - Click Here
  4. Registration with BSNL - Click Here
  5. Registration with Airtel - Click Here
  6. Registration with Tata - Click Here